The “End Times Conference” at the Blue Point Bible Church




Friday, March 18th    (5PM – 9:30PM)

5PM – Registration begins

5:30PM – Worship begins

6PM – Opening remarks from Pastor Michael Miano, Blue Point Bible Church

6:15PM – Mr. Ed Stevens, Internation Preterist Association

7:00PM – Larry Siegle, Fulfilled Dymanics Bible 

7:30PM Herman & Nudix (followed by a short break)

7:45PM –  Evangelist Jason D’Ambrosio, Sound of Heaven Church 

8:15PM – Pastor Cindye Coates, Solomon’s Porch 

9:00 PM  – Ms.Raven Alburg, It Is Finished Org. 

9:10PM-  Mr. Tony Pomales

9:45PM – Sending Prayer


Saturday, March 19th (Speakers & Activities all day) 

8AM – Morning Musings Video – Dr. Don K. Preston, Preterist Research Institute

(Coffee & Bagels will be available)

9:30AM- Worship & Prayer

10:00AM – Mr. Larry Siegle, Fulfilled Dynamics

10:45 – Video from Alan Bondar, L.I.F.T. Church

11:30 – Herman & Nudix (Followed by a short break)

11:45 –  Mr. Glenn Hill

12:15 – Mr. Daniel Colon

12:45 – Lunch & Chinese Auction in Basement

2PM – Pastor Steve Schilling, Blue Point Bible Church

2:45 – Mr. Bill Fitten

3:15- – Apostle Johhny Ova, Sound of Heaven Church

3:45 – Adam Maarshalk, Pursuing Truth blogsite (

4:30 – Mr. Ed Stevens, International Preterist Association  

5PM – Video Presentation from India, France, and Africa

5:30 –  DINNER – Recommended Restaurent (To Be Determined)


7:30 – 9:30 – Debate    (* Doors open at 7PM)

The  End Times – Are they in the past or the future? Why is it important to know?

Pastor Michael Miano of Blue Point Bible Church will present and defend the “fulfilled” view of the “end times” which is called “Full Preterism”, as well as explain why the understanding of the Biblical “end times” as future is harmful to a healthy Christian worldview.

Mr. Stephen Whitsett, former pastor within the Foursquare denomination in southern California for over 28 years and active defender of the faith through his website at – will expain how “Full Preterism” is an erroroneous Bible interpretation. Also, Mr. Whitsett will present and defend  how understanding Bible prophecy applies to yet future events as described in the Bible is the proper persepective for a Christian to have.

  • There will be a time of cross-examination, Q & A from those in attendance, and closing statements from the debators.


“Palm Sunday”, March 20th, 2016

8AM – Morning Musings Video –  Dr. Don K. Preston, Preterist Research Institute

(*Coffee & Bagels will be available) 

9:30AM – Sunday School Discussion Group

10AM- Coffee, Cake, & Fellowship

Worship Service – 10:30AM

Sermon – Pastor Michael Miano – Walking Worthy: Understanding the Gospel & LIFE

(* Lunch on your own) 

2:30 – Special Roundtable Discussion

In an effort of walking worthy of 1 Peter 3:15 – having a response to those who ask, we will challenge those who “sign up” for this with topics and questions pertaining to:

“In what ways, or pertaining to what topics, does the  Christian Church need to provide better answers or a more suitable response to? ”


(Prayerfully, videos and photos will be provided from the event- as well as Youtube videos of each speaker)

Email – for more information pertaining to traveling and lodging information or call (631) 363 -6111





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