“Proud Preterists”

I was so encouraged this past weekend as I saw quite a few people follow the spark set forth by a Facebook group called “Preterist Meanderings”. Mr. Chad Kennow created a holy chain-reaction by simply utilizing social media to encourage the brethen. (Something we are called to do by Scripture!)

Sadly there are many more Preterists out there who have done videos who could have done a video to support this effort. However that simply highlights that we need leadership and strategy in order to see the power of preterism go beyond where we are now.

As Director of The Power of Preterism Network (TPPN) (www.powerofpreterism.com), this is something I have continually highlighted and seek to bring forth.
It’s simply efforts like Mr. Kennow’s, and our all working together as a “team” that will bring to fruitition the reformation we have waited to see.

Keep an eye out for #TeamPRETERIST

In Service to Him,
Pastor Michael Miano
(email: christianitygonewild@yahoo.com)