As Iron Sharpens Iron….

Last week I was interviewed on “Inspired Blessings”, a local television show hosted by Jean Marie Prince on Long Island, New York. You can watch that interview at the following link,

At the end of the interview, you can watch the “post-interview clip” wherein Mrs. Prince made some comments regarding my beliefs in “Fulfilled End Times”. I have since responded to the verses she provided regarding the “Coming of the Lord” through a YouTube video and an article published on the TFC Magazine website (I will provide links to both at the conclusion of this blog).

Another point she brought up was that I believe “Jesus already came and He is reigning on the Earth”. Amen.

Today, as I listened to the August podcast of the “Monthly Preterist Conference Call”, I realized brother Johnny Ova, who pastors Sound of Heaven Church (, has yet again come through in a true Proverbs 27:17 fashion.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”.

Johnny Ova is not only a co-laborer for the Kingdom with me on Long Island. He has served such a pivotal role in my call from me being called back to Long Island to the consistent encouragement and efforts he puts forth, it is hard for me not to thank God and brag about him every chance that I get.

Anyway, as a direct response to my I believe that Christ is now reigning through His saints on Earth as the fulfillment of the Kingdom hope is best demonstrated through Johnny’s presentation. Walk worthy of 2 Timothy 2:15 and give his message a listen/ or read. Here is the link,


In Service to Him,

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P.S. – Here are the links to the resources I referenced above:

Youtube Response –

Article at TFC Magazine –