#TeamPRETERIST Strategic Conference Call #1

On October 14th, 2016 we had our first #TeamPRETERIST Strategic Conference Call.

On this call, Pastor Michael Miano detailed the purpose and need for #TeamPRETERIST and how we seek to go about bringing forth clarity, healing, and strategy in regards to the truth of Full Preterism and the impact the “full preterist movement” is to have on the world.

At the end, Team Leader Chad Kennow made it clear that everyone has a part in this “movement” and sister Amber Smith offered insights from a beginner in Preterism and how she desires to play her part.

You can listen to the podcast at the following link,




#TeamPRETERIST – Establishing Team Leaders


Would you be willing to help our efforts being “on the front lines of reformation and revival” bringing forth CLARITY, HEALING, & STRATEGY in regards to the “preterist movement”?

We are looking to have “team leaders” help us move forward.

Team Leaders will work together regarding the strategic efforts of #TeamPRETERIST and will help network the “movement”. For every 10 people that get “on the team” we will elect another Team Leader.

Each Team Leader will receive monthly responsibilities which include:

  • Being “in the know” regarding Preterism and the “Preterist Movement”, which will be done through our networking and announcements (The Power of Preterism Network is helping in these regards).
  • A list of 10 people “on the team” to call throughout the month – offering strategic announcements, fellowship & encouragement, and answering questions or concerns.
    A continuing personal commitment to advance the truth of Jesus Christ and His fulfilled work (Preterism).

    Sign up to be a Team Leader today!

  • Each Team Leader will be asked to take a fivefold survey and submit the results to Pastor Michael Miano, Director of The Power of Preterism. Visit the following link to do so, http://fivefoldsurvey.com/
  • Each Team Leader will be asked to supply a list of 2-3 burdens and inspirations in regards to Christianity, and/or the “Preterist Movement” to Pastor Michael Miano as well. (An Inspiration is something you feel has been led by God and makes you see His glory, whereas a burden is something that bothers you, or you feel led to instigate solutions.
  • Each Team Leader will be exhorted and admonished to “walk worthy” in accordance with 1 Thessalonians 2:12.
  • Each Team Leader will be encouraged as well as challenged to grow in regards to ministry, and their influence for the Gospel’s sake whether through writing, video, speaking, or audio.
  • Team Leaders will also be asked to share their thoughts from time to time on the #TeamPRETERIST Strategic Conference Calls

Are you willing?

Begin the process today by emailing “I desire to be a Team Leader with #TeamPRETERIST” to ChristianityGoneWild@Yahoo.com