Reviewing the Revelation Revealed Bible Conference (Part 2)

You can read part 1 of this review at the following link,

Mr. Mert Melfa our video guy, put together all the videos from the Conference and emailed a link to those who he had on an email list. I wanted to provide the link again and in this public blog, so here it is –

I pray that each of you have been blessed and edified by the videos that have been put out. I look forward to uploading the videos to The Power of Preterism Network’s page, where you can access the video footage for each year’s Annual Conference at BPBC. Here is a link to that page,

This year we had some returning speakers and we had some new ones.

Mr. Adam Maarschalk, of, spoke to us about the Beast of Revelation. Adam has got to be one of the most studious and provider of some of the best and well-thought out blogs within the “preterist movement”. Each year he provides an awesome outline for his speaking presenations, which he provided on his website at the following link,

Ed Silsbe, a deacon at The Blue Point Bible Church, shared a detailed short story challenging us in regards to compassion. Utilizing a write up called “The Self Improvement of Salvatore Ross”

Deacon Ed Silsbe always highlights a good story and hits home with a message. And if Mr. Silsb’e story wasn’t enough to get us thinking, we had Herman, of Herman & Nudix challenge us with a comedic skit regarding “What Were They Thinking?”.

Dr. Don K. Preston, of the Preterist Research Institute, offered a stirring and evangelistic message through a video presentation. And Pastor Steve Schilling, who also serves at The Blue Point Bible Church, preached the Gospel of the Kingdom at the Sunday “Worship Service”.

Two speakers who were new to our conference were Mr. Daniel Morais of, and Mr. William Vincent. Mr. Daniel Morais gave a 30 minute lecture regarding “the parousia of Christ” and has continually been a go to resource regarding the details found in Scripture, especially in regards to the Book of Revelation. And Mr. William Vincent offered an honest and humble approach to looking at worship and the role of the Body of Christ as seen in and through the Book of Revelation.

Again listen to all of these and more at the following link,

I look forward to offering a couple more reviews as we look at the notes taken and shared from some others guests who attended the conference, as well as some critical review of the debate between myself and Pastor Earl Wallace, of Liberty Christian Fellowship.

In Service to Him,

Pastor Michael Miano

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