Simon Tack’s Notes on Ed Stevens Talk – Dating Revelation to 62 AD Pre 70 Date

Revelation Revealed Conference Blue Point Bible Church

“I am coming quickly” 4 times in Rev
Daniel was promised more info regarding the end of days – knowledge shall increase?

Four main events in Revelation:
1) Soon coming
2) Death of 1 horn of the beast
3) Downfall of Babylon
4) End of the Great Tribulation

If Rev was written in 95 AD, how were these 4 things fulfilled soon after?
Babylonian destruction in 586 BC had many books written about it.
God always raised up prophets before destroying.
What great city to Christians and Jews fell around 95 AD?
Rev has to be about Jerusalem, therefore written before 70 AD.

Rev 1:7 Every eye will see him, including those who pierced him.
Christ’s soon coming 3:11, 22:7, 22:12, 22:20

Josephus documented the day and hour of Jesus’ appearing, Matt 24. Temple was still standing in Rev 11 Measuring the temple implied its doom.

Jerusalem is the great city: Rev 11:8, 18:24, Like 13:33; Mt 23:29-39. Implies AD 70.

Rev 11:8 dead bodies lying in streets defiled the Holy City.

Pre 66 Date
Before John died in Neronic persecution 64-66
AD. 66 AD outbreak of Jewish war cut tribulation (persecution of church) short.

Pre 64 Date
Rev predicts Neronic persecution, implies a pre 64 AD date.
The 7 churches were stable and Judaizer activity was occurring, therefore before Neronic persecution of AD 64

62 Date
Hebrews was written 62 or 63 AD, therefore Revelation before late 62 AD (missed why).
1 Pe 5:13 – She who is in Babylon…
1 Pe written in 63 AD, therefore Rev pre 63 AD.
John wrote Rev while in exile on Patmos
Per Josephus, James and companions arrested by Annus II

John in Patmos by early summer 62 AD
Rev written May to Dec 62 AD

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