What A Weekend It Will Be (Mar. 23-25, 2018)

As we see the last couple of snowflakes fall, and hear the roar of snowplows, the excitement builds regarding the upcoming Examining Crossroads: Biblical Controversies Conference happening this weekend at The Blue Point Bible Church. We have a great line up of topics and speakers. As the saying goes, be there or be square. Herein you will find information about both each conference time frame, details, and speakers.

On Friday, March 23rd – 7pm – 10pm
Our theme for Opening Night will be “How Great A Salvation!” and we will be blessed with the gift of song by Mrs. Meredith Piniella, get some great laughs from the skit-comedy group Herman & Nudix, and welcome two speakers – Mr. Glenn Hill & Pastor Michael Miano. There will also be an extended time of Q & A.

On Saturday, March 24th – we will have two sessions; 11am – 4pm; 7pm -10pm
Our Saturday theme will be “Complex Concepts”. So many challenging thoughts will be shared. We will also find time to go out and grab an early dinner. Speakers on Saturday include; Mr. Adam Maarschalk, Pastor Steve Schilling, Mr. Ancil McBarnett, Deacon Ed Silsble, Pastor Michael Miano, & Dr. Cindye Coates.

On Sunday, March 25th – Service – 10:30 – 11:45am; Roundtable – 1:30 -3:30pm
Our in-house worship will magnify the presence of God opening our Worship Service, and Pastor Miano will lead us in corporate prayer, as well as preach on the topic of Palm Sunday. Yes, palms will be available. Also, after a lunch outing we will close the conference with a roundtable going through the “Efficacy of the Church” with all the conference speakers and including Apostle Johnny Ova.


Mr. Glenn Hill was a non-denominational preacher for 45 years. He authored “Christianity’s Great Dilemma”, which highlighted some challenging truths regarding eschatology. He is also currently working on a 2nd book titled, “Christianity’s Great Deception” regarding the church’s doctrine of hell. Brother Glenn is a widower, who is blessed with a large, wonderful, and loving family.

Mr. Glenn Hill will be speaking on the topic of hell on Friday evening.

Pastor Michael Miano is pastor of The Blue Point Bible Church. Active in various aspects of ministry, he places special emphasizes on having a “zeal empowered by knowledge”. He also serves as director of The Power of Preterism Network which seeks to highlight the reformational and missional power of fulfilled eschatology. In an effort to provide continued edification to the Church, Pastor Miano continually writes online articles, regularly participates in theological debates, and at this point published 2 books and a study guide – “Freaked Out by the New Covenant”, “Wicked”, and “Clarity in Revelation”.

Pastor Michael Miano will be speaking on Friday night about salvation, on Saturday about “bodily salvation”, and on Sunday he will deliver a Palm Sunday sermon.

Mr. Adam Maarschalk, from Newport, Kentucky, lives with his wife Jasmine, and enjoys writing about fulfilled eschatology, Christian Zionism, and other topics on his blog – AdamMaarschalk.com. He also participates in volunteer work through Kentucky Refugee Ministries and recently cofounded a non-profit organization for Chin refugees from Burma who live in his area.

Mr. Adam Maarschalk will be speaking on Saturday about the millennium.

Mr. Ancil McBarnett, is an elder from Zion Assembly of Harrisburg, Virginia. His passion is the message of Christ and His Kingdom, where Believers fully embrace life under the New Covenant, so that strong marriages, strong families, and young people do not collapse under the pressures of life but pursue wisdom, become the reality. In 2017, he and Jen Fishburne commented on the entire Bible (except the Book of Revelation) from the Preterist perspective, in the “Read Your Bible Challenge” Facebook group. He is supported by his wife of 20 years, Althea and their 3 kids.

Mr. Ancil McBarnett will be speaking on Saturday about “Heaven & Earth”.

Pastor Steve Schilling is pastor emeritus of The Blue Point Bible Church. Serving as an Elder, he willingly and responsibly, when the time of need came, stepped up to pastor BPBC for over 3 years. Pastor Schilling is happily married to Olivia, and has two children, and 2 grandchildren.

Pastor Steve Schilling will be speak twice on Saturday. One presentation about the atonement and propitiation, and another presentation about the need for unity in the Preterist Movement.

Deacon Ed Silsbe is an architect by trade who has served faithfully in the deaconate at The Blue Point Bible Church for over 15 years. He has been a member of BPBC over 25 years. Deacon Ed also serves as President of the Blue Point Community Civic Association.

Deacon Ed Silsbe will be speaking on Saturday about the effect of rumors.

Dr. Cindye Coates wrote her doctoral thesis on Matthew 24 Fulfilled, which will soon be published under the title “The Fulfilled Prophesies of Jesus”. Dr. Coates serves as Provost of Life College on-line campus. She is married 34 years to Dr. Stan Coates – 3-time Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter. Together they have planted 7 churches in the Metro Atlanta area and mentor ministry leaders all over the world.

Dr. Cindye Coates will be speaking on Saturday about the effects of “Present Truth” on faith, family, and life decisions.

Apostle Johnny Ova leads the Sound of Heaven Church, on Long Island with his wife Rachel. At 16 he began training to become a professional wrestler, which led him to travelling all over America, Canada, Jamaica, & even Mexico doing what he loved to do – wrestle. It was during that time at the age of 17 that he gave his life to the Lord. Beyond his Sound of Heaven work through which he labors to train and equip Believers to do extraordinary things for God, he has a heart for the nations and works planting churches across the world, as well as raising his 4 beautiful children Johnny, Zoë, Massimo and Lucy.

Apostle Johnny Ova will be joining the Efficacy Roundtable on Sunday.

Herman & Nudix were created in 2011 by budding cartoonist, Joe Perrott. He utilized the confusing word “hermeneutic”, which is a high Latin word meaning “how to read a book” to create characters Herman & Nudix. So began the cartoons that depicted every sort of offbeat Bible theology. There are now hundreds of cartoons on every topic and nothing is “sacred”. Joe and Mr. Jean Pierre Cote began reenacting the cartoons at the annual conferences at The Blue Point Bible Church and somehow keep get inviting back for more. This year they intend to up the ante with a little more “pow” and “zowie”.




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