Notes on Andrew Wommack’s “Against Preterism”

Recently I began listening to some podcasts by a preacher named Andrew Wommack. I had enjoyed these podcasts, namely because of his knowledge and willingness to handle the message of grace – honestly and responsibly. When I had mentioned his name to a fellow Preterist brother, he scoffed, and made mention of Andrew’s “Against Preterism” video on YouTube. So, I went ahead and checked it out. You can watch it at the following link,

Right from the start Andrew explained the definition of “praeter” meaning past, defining Bible prophecy as fulfilled in the past, culminating with events of AD 70, then launched into rants against universalism and how Preterism leads to “replacement theology” and one must “reject Scripture in order to believe this”. Later inconsistently remarking, “I’ve never studied it much, but it doesn’t take much study to see that it violates Scripture”.

Universalism and “replacement theology” are the outworking of Futurist theology, not Preterist theology, and it is ignorant to try and assert otherwise. Especially, “replacement theology”, which seeks remove the validity of the Law of Moses and Bible prophecy, all the while replacing the reality with the Church, usually in an effort to be a bit more consistent. Andrew seems a bit confused in his assessment here. Mr. Wommack, hopefully we can find agreement that “studying to show ourselves approved” (2 Timothy 2:15) demands that rather than “sweeping strides” for or against something, we should “prove all things” and not say something reject or affirms unless we have “studied it much”. Which Andrew admittedly have not done, in favor of his presuppositions. No Preterist seeks to make such “sweeping strides” (which he accuses Preterists of, however he is guilty of such “strides”), “violate Scripture”, “take verses out and thrown them out”, or any of the other false claims he made against Preterism.

Also, it would seem Andrew has a rather limited and erroneous view of the dating, documentation, and details of the Book of Revelation. I was shocked to hear him confuse not only the proper dating (which more and more scholars have come to acknowledge must have been before them Temple fell in AD 70), but also, he seems to pick and choose when he would like to apply prophetic symbolism. Andrew, might I encourage you read some books regarding Biblical prophecy outside the Dispensational framework before you go about trying to explain why and how others are doing it wrong? We will get to that point in a moment.

In this YouTube rebuke Andrew Wommack completely avoided time texts and context regarding passages such as Matthew chapter 24 and Revelation 21. He made claims that “Preterists don’t like to listen” to certain portions of Scripture which is completely erroneous as the entire Preterist framework is built upon acknowledge the whole counsel of Scripture in its proper context. In speaking about Preterists he said the following:

“I have not taken a single verse of the Bible and thrown it out as if it does not apply”.

“They are discounting the Word of God and making it symbolic”.

Neither of these statements are true.

I’d like to acknowledge that the video “Against Preterism” is an few years and prayerfully you have reconsidered some things he said and could/should publicly clarity. Also, we should all consider how pride seeming statements are asserting we won’t read other books because we’ve “read the Book”. How strange of a statement from another Bible teacher within the Body. So…Andrew won’t read the books that clarify the Preterist position, books that would pretty much explain that his presuppositions and assertions regarding Preterism are wrong, yet you would teach others as to how they should navigate Truth, listen to him, and read his books?

Andrew has some great teachings on grace through faith, loving thy neighbor, and even explanations of grace in line with the New Covenant, and more.  I would hope this review would be received in the Spirit of respect and honesty, as well as accountability. May a zeal empowered by knowledge lead us forward.

In Service to Him,

Michael Miano
Pastor, Director, & Apologist

The Blue Point Bible Church
The Power of Preterism Network
MGW Apologetics

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