A Timely Update from The Power of Preterism Network


First allow me to express that I hope each of you are safe, doing well, and maintaining good health. This pandemic surely has tried the faith of many, and I hope you are being kept in the fear of the Lord, not world fear of anxiety and depression. The Gospel doesn’t cease to be good news in the midst of crisis, rather the gospel makes us wiser and brighter in the midst of crisis. Earlier today, I heard the following quote by Albert Einstein, “In the MIDDLE of difficulty lies opportunity”. I couldn’t agree more.Most of our work at TPPN is done online therefore this allows us time to revise some ideas and efforts and also allows you time to get in tune with all that TPPN has to offer.
In a few days expect a website change at www.powerofpreterism.com. Our goal is to always bring forth clarity, healing, and strategy as we seek to see Preterism have it’s effect on the front lines of reformation and revival.

Our May 2020 Bible Conference at The Blue Point Bible Church may be postponed (or) canceled due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

Work is going to be put forth by TPPN to host an online Preterist Conference. More information will be coming soon.



Update on our ministries:

#TeamPRETERIST – collaborating for the advancement of a Missional Preterism

– Facebook group
– Mission Sheets – coming soon
– Podcast – coming soon

The Preterist Pastors/ Preachers Network– Advancing Preterism in the local church
– Conference Calls – 3/ 30
– Blog – https://thepreteristpastorblog.wordpress.com/

ReformationNOW – A Titus 1:9 Ministry
– Facebook page
– Monthly Topic – April 2020 – “Caught Together To Meet The Lord”
– Local/online conferences

Power Preterism Radio (PPR) – https://www.buzzsprout.com/607474
more interviews and conversations to come
– L.I.F.E. w/MGW (updated bi-weekly)
– Chronicles of Josephus (updated weekly)
– #TeamPRETERIST Podcast / “Boots on the Ground” – coming soon

Upcoming Resources:

Matthew 24 courses – coming soon

Clarity in Revelation book & teachings- video teachings coming soon
Purchase studyguide at, https://www.amazon.com/Clarity-Revelation-Study-Sermon-Church/dp/1986038246

Getting Answers About Preterism & The End Times – coming soon
A series of clear responses to a series of confusing perspectives


Other partnering ministries:

Fulfilled Dynamics

MGW Apologetics

New Covenant Network

Authentic Revelation/ Restoration Church Plano

Take A Closer Look Ministries

By & His Grace & Glory,
Michael Miano, pastor & director
The Blue Point Bible Church/ The Power of Preterism Network

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