TPPN: Sullivan/Brown Debate Review

The discussion we were supposed to have and record regarding the debate between Mr. Michael Sullivan and Dr. Michael Brown on the TPPN monthly Zoom session last night has been postponed. Mr. Chris Lombardi, myself, and other teachers and preachers (still welcoming those interested), will offer up review of the debate.

You can review the debate at the following link,

You can read Michael Sullivan follow-up thoughts regarding the debate at this link,

I am sharing two charts that demonstrate the fulfilment of the “Great Commission” and the syllogistic details of Matthew chapter 24, 1 Thessalonians 4, and 1 Corinthians chapter 15.


I encourage you to look forward to the #TeamPRETERIST podcast that will soon be shared regarding further review of this excellent debate. We are grateful to Michael Sullivan for his efforts. To God be the glory!

Michael Miano
Pastor, The Blue Point Bible Church
Director, The Power of Preterism Network


P.S. – Mr. Sullivan reached out to me after I had shared this blog and provided these two syllogistic charts that didn’t make it to the debate.


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