Preparation for upcoming debate w/Chris Date


As I look forward to and prepare for my upcoming debate with apologist Chris Date from regarding the “resurrection of the dead”, I have found it to be imperative that I put together this blog of the various teachings, articles, debates, videos, and podcasts I have offered on the subject. The goal is to not only review them myself, but to also foster some sort of “peer review” by challenging those who read this blog to go through the teachings and come up with edifying thoughts or questions. And, of course, I’ll be sending this blog to Chris Date so that he can be best informed of my position on the “resurrection of the dead”, and that our debate will be brought forth with intellectual honesty and clarity.

I will be in the negative for the debate, meaning that I will seek to prove that, according to the Scriptures understood in their right context, we who are alive 2,000 years removed from that 1st century generation, are not waiting for an individual, physical body resurrection, to happen in our yet future. Furthermore, I will prove that such notions are not Biblical at all, and were not expected by the 1st century Apostles of Jesus Christ (in their time or at any latter date).


My most recent blog regarding details on the resurrection of the dead was written in February and can be accessed at the following link,


The following links are blogs and audio recordings I have published regarding different factors and details pertaining to a Biblical understanding of the resurrection of the dead (subject to the right of the links), – Notebook review of the resurrection of the dead – intro to CBV
– soma/body – the last enemy – Resurrection talk – explained and reviewed – Man of Dust – 1 Corinthians 15 Summaries – Replacing the Resurrection – A Detailed Discussion on the Resurrection w/ Don Johnsen


Below you will find various links to YouTube teachings I have published on the topic: – Resurrection Talk (2019)  – Discussion w/ Ed Stevens regarding “change” (2018) – Pulling Apart the Strawman – Resurrection (2013) – Understanding ‘Soma Salvation) (2018)


There are a variety of Bible teachers/preachers who have taught and debated regarding the proper understanding of the “resurrection of the dead” (that I will be defending), such as, but not limited to, Dr. Don K. Preston, Holger Neubauer, Ward Fenley, Larry Siegle, Dr. William Bell, as well as Sam Dawson, who I look to review their resources and fellowship with prior to the debate. Also, I look to host a variety of public sessions at The Blue Point Bible Church, as well as online, for edifying discussion and study to prepare for the debate. If you so choose to communicate with me, please email me at

To God be the glory,

Michael Miano
Pastor, The Blue Point Bible Church
Director, The Power of Preterism Network
Apologist, MGW Apologetics

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