Preterist Power Hour – Spring Feasts Convo w/Guests

Last Thursday, February 18th, 2021 – Dr. Don K. Preston of the Preterist Research Institute (, as well as Elvin Israel and Monster Boss of Resurrection Prophecy Kingdom (, were guests on the Preterist Power Hour. Michael Miano and Edward Howell, the weekly hosts, have been reviewing the Feasts of the Lord, most specifically, the Spring Feasts, and in that regard had their guests share thoughts and respond to some questions. You can review that session at the following link,

Dr. Preston shared that Passover marks the beginning the of the calendar, “new beginnings”, and points to the final feast, Sukkoth, which marks the climate of the festival harvest. He further remarked that when understanding the feasts, “initiation anticipates consummation”. For example, when we properly understand how and to what end Christ fulfilled the Spring feasts, we can properly discern how the fulfillments of the Fall feasts were fulfilled. Elvin Israel went on to bring up the importance of the “firstfruit concept” when understanding the feasts and the their fulfillments, which Dr. Preston continued to expound upon. Edward Howell brought up details regarding the Passover, specifically the ‘afikomen’ (which means ‘that which will come after’), and quite a bit of conversation was shared in that regard, namely how Passover emphasized the importance of what sufferings God has delivered His people from. Also, the article, A Spiritually-Discerned Passover, written by Michael Miano was mentioned. You can read and review that blog at the following link,

Both Dr. Preston and Elvin Israel mentioned some great points and topics that could have been the focus on the entire show. We do indeed hope that some of those topics and further shows will come to fruition. For example, Dr. Preston mentioned that “The entire festal calendar is seen in the fulfilment of Daniel’s 70 weeks”. Surely, taking a look at the feasts of the Lord and Daniel chapter 9 is a study on the horizon. Dr. Preston also mentioned seeing the significance of the feasts in the book of Joel, as well as the Gospel of John. Elvin Israel talked a bit about Philo and his discernment regarding the Feast of Unleavened Bread, piquing our curiosity a bit. As was mentioned, Elvin has been going through a teaching series on the feasts of the Lord as well. You can watch some of those teachings at the following links:

Passover –

Passover –

Unleavened Bread –

Both Dr. Preston and Elvin Israel mentioned being in the midst of currently writing books. Michael Miano is also in the midst of writing a book. Keep your eye on these men and their ministries thereby allowing yourself the opportunity to be edified. Of course, continue to tune in to the Preterist Power Hour each Thursday night at 6:30pm est.

Lastly, be sure to continually being reviewing our ongoing resource list regarding the Feasts of the Lord at following link on The Power of Preterism Network’s blog,

For His glory & through His power,

Michael MianoDirector, TPPN

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