Israel – Palestine & Efforts of Peace

As we consider the current crisis in Israel – Palestine, I praise God for the knowledge I have gained as a short-term delegate to the West Bank with the Christian Peacemaker Teams (back in 2010) and my understanding of Fulfilled eschatology. I ponder the wisdom shared in ‘Give Me This Mountain’ by Tim King, wherein he said, he spoke about the truth of Fulfilled Eschatology, “It opens the door to the problem solving of some of the thornier issues in our world, not least of which is the troubled Middle East. Sadly, the old eschatology fails to grasp the cultural edge in this present world crisis and still wants to champion a false kind of nationalism in Israel that undercuts the redemptive features of the Gospel. We would do well to return to John 4 and enter into the discussion with Jesus and the Samaritan woman about ‘this mountain’ and ‘Jerusalem’, for there we hear the Lord declare ‘neither here nor there’, but ‘in Spirit’ do we find true worship. That statement is both politically and eschatologically revealing”. 

That being so, I want to offer the following resources that I have been blessed to offer and learn of regarding efforts of peace happening in the Middle East. 

1.) I recorded my journey through notes, journaling, and pictures as I served as a short-term delegate to Israel – Palestine in 2010. You can read all of that at the following link,

2.) Back in 2015, I did a short interview regarding my visit to “the Bible lands”. You can watch that interview at the following link,

3.) More recently, in 2019, we had Bob and Kathryn Carlton visit with us at The Blue Point Bible Church and share about their efforts and film, Peacemakers, which “brings a message of hope in the midst of the seemingly intractable conflict between Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs. The power of the gospel to transform lives through forgiveness and reconciliation is communicated by powerful personal stories of Jewish and Arab followers of Jesus.”. Learn more about their efforts and the documentary at the following link,

Prayerfully these resources will bless and edify, as well as further efforts of peace in the Middle East. 

By His everlasting power & mercy, 

Michael Miano

Pastor, The Blue Point Bible Church (
Director, The Power of Preterism Network (

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