7/15 – Preterist Power Hour & Resources

On this podcast session of Preterist Power Hour, co-hosts Michael Miano & Edward Howell, share further details about the two foundational debates Max King had back in 1973 (with Gus Nichols) and in 1975 (with Jim McGuiggan), they talked a bit about the Thessalonians and AD 70 (with more details coming next week), and share some thoughts about this year’s currently happening, Preterist Pilgrim Weekend.

The following resources were mentioned on the podcast:

Debate links from Max King and others – https://powerofpreterism.wordpress.com/2021/06/11/6-10-preterist-power-hour-resources/

God’s PAST Judgement teaching by Michael Miano – https://mianogonewild.wordpress.com/2018/07/23/884/

Wicked written by Michael Miano – https://wickedthingsexplained.wordpress.com/

Ed Steven’s book, The Final Decade Before The End – https://www.preterist.org/products/final-decade-before-the-end-print-edition/

2021 Preterist Pilgrim Weekend – https://ppw.bibleprophecy.com/2021/

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