8/19 – Preterist Power Hour & Resources

On this week’s podcast of the Preterist Power Hour, co-hosts, Michael Miano & Edward Howell, reviewed some presentations from the recent Spirit & Life Lectures. You can watch this week’s podcast at the following link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv6mPrW-CdI

You can gain access to the 2021 Spirit & Life Lectures (as well as as soon-to-be-updated blog of notes regarding the lectureship) at the following link, https://powerofpreterism.wordpress.com/2021/08/19/spirit-life-lectureship-2021/

While Edward mentioned needing to mark out time to properly view the lectures, Michael Miano was eager to share some of this thoughts regarding John Watson, Scott Klaft, and Mario Beasley Sr.’s presentations. 

Correlating to Mr. Beasley’s presentation, Michael mentioned a sermon series he preached on the topic of “One New Man” a few years back. You can gain access to that sermon series at the following link, https://www.academia.edu/26905171/One_New_Man_Sermon_Series_Summary?fbclid=IwAR2R5cJ7n9Bdb_P0Yt6tdOINB0U-reWwyhUlRH-JdWa50wjwfjzk38LItsY

This next week’s Preterist Power Hour, 8/26, will be canceled. However, we look forward to further reviewing the Spirit & Life Lectures, the following Tuesday, 9/2. 

Don’t forget to make your plans to join us for the 7th Annual BPBC Bible Conference – Not One Stone Left: Restored & Complete – this October 8th -10th, 2021. The following link has travel and lodging info, as well as a tentative schedule for the conference (also see attached graphic), http://www.bluepointbiblechurch.org/peace/?page_id=2637

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