11/29 – Falling Back To Genesis w/JL Vaughn

On 11/29/22, we had JL Vaughn visit with us on the podcast to join us as we “Fall Back To Genesis”. 

You can review the podcast at the following YouTube link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1f8dvGsD7E

2 resources we had made available to ready others for this interview were

Genesis & Preterism w/JL Vaughn (Feb. 2022) 


JL Vaughn on “Covenant Creation (Aug. 2022 Spirit & Life Lectures) 


Jeff took us back to his lecture at the 2022 Spirit & Life Lectures. You can download his Powerpoint Presentation below. 

JL Vaughn not only explained that, The only heaven and earth that Moses talked about came from Genesis 1”, he also detailed that “Adam’s sion was the first imputed sin”. Bible texts such as Exodus 18, Isa. 43:27, Hosea 6:7, Romans 5 and Romans 12, as well as 2 Peter 3 were all brought into the discussion. 

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