12/9 – #FlashbackFriday – Frank Febus, 7 Day Mantra; Fulfillment & More… 

Today, 12/9, we interviewed preacher, teacher, and author Frank Febus on the Preterist Power Hour. Frank told us a bit about his testimony in Christ, as well as his coming to understand fulfilled eschatology (Preterism) and the prophetic nature of Genesis (Covenant Creation). You can review that podcast at the following YouTube link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iM-W-LShUok&lc=Ugy78DXInoBQmNsMKNB4AaABAg

At the beginning of the session, Michael Miano shared a bit about the recent social media happenings with Gary DeMar and a blog written by Sam Frost. You can read that blog at the following link,  https://vigil.blog/2022/12/07/musings-for-gary-demar/

Some other resources mentioned at the beginning of the podcast were:

Updated!  – BeyondCreationScience.com

Better Understanding the Bible on YouTube

Tim Martin Sermons – TimMartinTeaches.wordpress.com

Michael Miano’s recent blog on “resurrection” – https://mianogonewild.wordpress.com/2022/12/08/isaiah-resurrection-reality-what-now/

“Fall Back To Genesis” 

Falling Back To Genesis 


Falling Back To Genesis (continued) 


You can find Frank Febus on Facebook. The following links will provide more resources of his: 



Frank spoke about the “7 day mantra” we find all throughout the Scriptures. Dallas expounded a bit. For a bit of a #FlashFriday I’d like to share some notes I have from January 2018 regarding “Creation As Temple Building” (notes from an article by Jeff Morrow). 

Genesis 1:1 contains 7 words. 

Genesis 1:2 has 14 words. 

“The number 7 dominates this opening chapter in a strange way”. – Gordon Wenham 

The careful attention to a sevenfold structure indicates that Genesis in its final form is a liturgical text”. – Crispin H.T. Fletcher Louis 

Parallels between 7 days and Moses Tablernacle: 

Genesis 1 cf. Exodus 39-40

Genesis 1:31 cf. Exodus 39:43

Genesis 2:1 cf. Exodus 39:22

Genesis 2:2 cf. Exodus 40:33

Genesis 2:3 cf. Exodus 39:43

Genesis 2:3 cf. Exodus 40:9 

Gudea Cylinders – creation/ temple building similar to Genesis 1. 

As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. noted in his studies on the Old Testament, “One must consider the Old Testament in relation to all the civilizations of the ancient Near East”. He also further asserted, “It is my opinion that ‘Biblical criticism’ and ‘Biblical archeology’ will serve to justify the position of the Church in modern culture, especially int the face of modern youth who are taught to ‘weigh and consider’”. 

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