The Circumcision & Uncircumcision of Genesis 1 (Interview & Review)

On Sunday, 12/18, we interviewed Elvin Israel and Michael Israel regarding their recently published book, The Circumcision And Uncircumcision of Genesis 1. You can review our interview art the following YouTube link,

You can purchase your copy of the book at the following link,

Right from the start of the book, we are introduced to and challenged with “audience relevance”. Consider the following citations: 

“The ideas of the ancient world differ greatly from those of the modern world”. 

  • Literary devices used
  • Replaced by modern plain readings

“The Scriptures meaning has been on life support in the Western world for over 1,000 years due to the non-usage of their decoders”. (Literary devices found in Law & Prophets) 

“We then came to realize that the majority of the Bible and its prophetic nature is found to echo Genesis chapters 1-3”. 

“When Moses is read in this light rather than the flat reading of Moses, the words are transformed to something that feeds your soul”. 

“The modern interpretation portrayed in Western culture is not what was in the mind of Moses or the teachings and students of his writings”. 

“Without understanding the narrative of Genesis, it is impossible to receive the full teachings found in Paul”.

See, 2 Corinthians 4:4-6 

We surely found agreement in taking note of how important it is to understand Genesis 1. In our discussions on the Preterist Power Hour with other teachers such as Tim Martin and Dallas Kobylka we have noted the “symbol package” and “covenant template” provided for us in Genesis chapter 1. Elvin Israel brought up scholars such as Dr. John Walton and George Lamsa, also mentioning Philo of Alexandria, the Targums, and other extra-Biblical literature as important resources. 

As I mentioned on the podcast, much of what was shared from the ANE perspective was right in line with a recent blog I wrote, Temple Dedication & Temple Decoration. You can read that blog at the following link,

All in all, I appreciated the writing of and my being able to read this book, The Circumcision And Uncircumcision of Genesis 1. It was easy to read, formatted well for future study and the seeking, searching, studying, and proving of things. 

Consider the chapter by chapter citations I made below. Which will accompany the host of other notes I have taken regarding the ‘days of Genesis 1’ on the Preterist Power Hour. 

Chapter 1 – Day 1 

Genesis 1:1-5

cf. Jeremiah 4:22-23; Proverbs 4:18-19; John 1:1-5; 1 John 1:5-7 

Chapter 2 – Day 2 

Genesis 1: 6-8 

Cf. Revelation 22:1; John 3:5; Exodus 14:21-28

Chapter 3 – Day 3 

Genesis 1:9-13 

cf. Joel 1:11-12 

“We can gain understanding of the usage of trees, herbs, and fruit if we search diligently. The theme of vegetation within God’s kingdom is usually in reference to a course of action and Spiritual growth”. 

“Only a ground that brings forth fruit can be considered lively and only the one who keeps and tends it can reap the benefits”. 

“In Jubilees 2:5-7 we see in fact that it was thought in ancient Israel that the Garden of Eden was also created on the 3rd day”. 

“…the Garden of Eden was also the holy of holies”. 

Chapter 4 – Day 4 

Genesis 1:14-10 

cf. Exodus 40:24-25; Leviticus 24:1-4; 1 Thessalonians 5:5; Daniel 12:2-3; Revelation 21:23 

“1st Corinthians 15:41 is the 4th day in Genesis 1:14-19 summed up”. 

Chapter 5 – Day 5 

Genesis 1:20-25 

cf. Hosea 2:18 

Chapter 6 – Day 6 

Genesis 1:26 – 27, 31

“…explains that the people created bearing the image of the heavenly would receive dominion”. 

“The 6th day in Genesis is clearly being reflected in Revelation 20”. 

“Day 6 of Genesis doubtlessly set up the Day 7 rest of the Divine. Once mankind receives dominion in Daniel 7:12, 27 when beasts were given the covenant of peace, allowing them to lose their dominion but gained salvation” 

Chapter 7 – Day 7 

Genesis 2:2-3 

cf. Hosea 2:18; Ezekiel 34:22, 25; Isaiah 11:6 

“On the 7th day of Genesis 1, the Lord is at rest and in ANE literature rest could sometimes point to rulership”. 

see. Matthew 11:28; Revelation 20:4 

“Divine rest”, see Dr. John Walton 

Matthew 11:28-29 

Chapter 8 – A Summary of the Prophetic Nature of Genesis 1 

“…the days in Genesis should be interpreted as the basis for prophetic teachings of God’s divine plan for mankind”. 

“If we understand the Genesis narrative found in Genesis chapters 1-3 are in summary the means by which we can decipher the rest of Scripture, the Bubble begins to open up the eyes of the soul like never before”. 

Also, on the podcast we talked a bit through the two Adam’s of Genesis 1. It seemed there were a few views to consider. I also enjoyed thoughts that were shared in the book regarding the flaming sword and Eden (see, Zechariah 2:5; Isaiah 26:1; Revelation 21:22). Lastly, in regards to circumcision and the title of the book, I marked out the ‘rending of hearts’ in Joel as explanative (See, Joel 2:12-14, 18-19). Consider that, “The withered-away man called grass partook in the resurrection of the shamed. Those that repented, and received the circumcision of the heart, were resurrected to eternal life”. The Gospel in Eden! 

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