Reviewing the Revelation Revealed Bible Conference (Part 1)

Blessings to you in Jesus’ mighty name!

It’s been a bit more than a week since the Revelation Revealed Bible Conference happened at The Blue Point Bible Church. The emails of encouragement, insight, and plans for the “preterist movement”, and plans for next years conference have been beyond encouraging! Glory to God!

I know many appreciated the efforts of Mr. Mert Melfa (our video guy) who made Saturday through Sundays events at the conference “live” on Facebook.  Now, the videos are beginning to make their way on to YouTube. The unfortunate news is that Friday’s speakers (Pastor Michael Miano, Mr. Ed Stevens, and Mr. Glenn Hill along with a live “game show” hosted by “Herman”/ Joe Perrott (from Herman & Nudix)) were not filmed. Those who were not at the conference that evening must rely upon the details being told/written from those who were.

Here are some details:

I (Pastor Michael Miano) opened the conference by sharing a bit about The Blue Point Bible Church (which you can learn more about at our website – as well as the ministry I serve as Director of – The Power of Preterism Network ( As I detailed the work of being on the frontlines of reformation and revival that full preterism is causing within the Christian Church, I explained as a Christian how inspiring this is (that truth is having its way) and how burdening (that many are still stuck in the confusion of futurism). I also mentioned again and again how the preterist movement is strongest when we build one another up, especially enabling a young man like myself to stand upon the shoulders of theological giants in regards to the truth of preterism.

I began our prayer by highlighted Revelation 1:3, “Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it; for the time is near.”.

My closing remarks were that of sharing resources and excerpts from those resources. Here is the brief list of resources on the Book of Revelation that I listed:

Dr. Don K. Preston’s book, Who is this Babylon
Mr. Ed Stevens book, The Final Decade Before the End
Mr. Mike Bull’s book, Moses and the Revelation
George Holford’s book, The Destruction of Jerusalem
Mr. Adam Maarschalk’s collaborative commentary on Revelation –
Mr. Daniel Morais’ website commentary on Revelation,

Following my introduction, Mr Ed Steven’s of the International Preterist Association ( gave a presentation of the dating of Revelation. He noted he holds to a late AD 62 date for the writing of Revelation. He mentioned that 130 + futurist Bible teachers have advocated for a pre-AD 7-0 date of Revelation as well. He highlighted that there is no “might be soon” found in Revelation, rather “soon”, “at hand”, and “near” are found all throughout the writing.

Mr. Stevens then outlined 5 areas of evidence for the dating:
1.) General evidence for pre-AD 70 dating (Matthew 24/ Josephus)
2.) Evidence for pre- AD 66 date (Jews needed Nero to further persecute the Christians)
3.) Evidence for pre-AD 64 (Neronic persecution)
4.) Evidence for a pre – AD 63 date
5.) Evidence for a late AD 62 date

*** Mr. Ed Stevens outlined so much more and prayerfully others who were at the conference took notes and might write up reviews (which will be featured here on Or maybe Ed Steven’s will provide the information which will be posted on this site as well.

On Saturday morning, Mr. Stevens gave a presentation of the 40 Year Transitional Millennium which can be viewed on YouTube at the following link,

Also that evening we had the privilege of having Mr. Glenn Hill (author of Christianity’s Great Dilemma) detail a part one of his message on the New Heavens and New Earth. I love how he continually referred to the New Heavens and New Earth as a “new place to live”. Brother Glenn began with Revelation 21:1-6 and highlighted the “soon” bookends of Revelation found in chapter 1 and chapter 22. He also highlighted that the term “heaven and earth” is used throughout Scripture to highlight a place where people live and in order to understand that place and reality you must have a working knowledge of the 65 other books in the Bible.

Brother Glenn highlighted various verses that detail the “heaven and earth” and drew out many details about them. He is a brief list of some of the verses he mentioned:

Isaiah 51:16 – Israel and the Law of Moses, God chose them (a heaven and an earth)
Isaiah 65:17-18 – the need for a new heaven and a new earth, former things would not come to mind

Matthew 5:16-18 – The entirety of the Law must be fulfilled before the passing of the former heaven and earth.

Luke 16:16 – Kingdom of God/ New Heaven and New Earth/ New Covenant
2 Peter 3 – elements of Law burned up so that righteousness may dwell
2 Corinthians 5:1-8 – the hope of a house not made with hands cf. revealing who the sons of God are (Romans 8)

Brother Glenn highlighted that the Apostle Paul yearned for the new heavens and new earth and that he stated in many times in the New Testament writings -his readiness to live in that new place. However the Apostle Paul new that according to fulfillment that place to live was “under construction” in his time. The transitional time between the breaking in of the New Covenant (New Heavens and New Earth) and the yet to be fulfilled elements of the Law.

*Again I am sure many took notes on this presentation at the conference. I covet your notes and reviews. Also, Brother Glenn may be so gracious to share his write up or present the information at an upcoming Preterist Conference. More to come soon.

Brother Glenn also presented the following morning, building upon the details he expressed the night before. You can watch that video on YouTube at the following link,

It is such a privilege to serve our Mighty God with such wise and faithful servants of God. There is surely more to share, and I will be sharing on this WordPress site in days to come, and there is more that will be done in regards to sharing and showing the power of Preterism. Glory to God!

In Service to Him,
Pastor Michael Miano







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