2023 TPPN Annual Meeting Summary

  • Director & Board members – M.Miano, E.Howell, J. Buttry 
  • Review of our ministries:
    – Preterist Power Hour
    – #TeamPRETERIST
    – “Preterist Pastors’
    – Reformation NOW 
  • In review, a year full of interviews, discussions, especially Genesis & creation. Not as much networking as we had planned. 
  • 2023 strategy
    – Book publishing, conference planning, & more continues
          Full Preterism: Proclaiming The Purpose & Presence of God (Miano/ 3/2023)
          Kingdom Kings: A Contextual & Application Study Through The Books of Kings (Miano/10/2023)
         – “Already But Not Yet Conference” – April 2023 – Holston PBU Church (Rogersville, TN)

           – 2023 ‘How Then Shall We Live?’ – April 2023 – Berean Bible Church (Chesapeake, VA) 

          – Fulfilled Media Presents, “Scripture Alone Is The Muscle of Preterism’ – April 2023
    (Virtual, FulfilledMedia.com)

          – 8th Annual BPBC Bible Conference – October 2023 – The Blue Point Bible Church
    (more info soon)

          Creationfest 23’ in June? A Preterist effort…??

    – Regional Representatives (5)
    – Network Churches & Ministries/ Associated Churches & Ministries
    – “Plant Preterist Churches”/ Take note of #Pretergate, It’s a great time to be alive.
  • Moving Ahead: Thoughts & Resources
  • Fulfilled! Magazine is advancing their efforts; Adam Maarschalk joined us to share 
  • More & more scholarly sharing of history, philosophy, & educational resources available on podcast 
  • Holger Neubauer has been teaching on the “Minor Prophets” on Facebook 
  • New Kosmos on YouTube has been a blessing to many 
  • BurrosOfBerea.com has been a blessed resource 
  • We expressed desire to see more focus on social justice, active listening, local representation, patience, more music/songs/worship in the Preterist community, and more organised educational venues/institutes for Preterists. 
  • Coming soon 
  • powerofpreterism.com (website edits) 
  • “Preterist Pastors” Network List 
  • Renewed #TeamPRETERIST List

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