Preterism & Genesis Creation??!?!

Today, we talked with Jeff Vaughn, co-author of Beyond Creation Science, on the Preterist Power Hour. We brought Jeff on to introduce the topic and our review of Preterism and the Genesis creation account. Not one to disappoint, Jeff highlight how he was convinced of both Preterism and “Covenant Creation” by looking at the Biblical details and seeing how they all work together. He talked through details of Genesis chapters 1-7 and how they correspond to the covenant story being told in the rest of the Bible (see corresponding texts such as Isaiah 65:23; Genesis 3; Romans 8; and Revelation 21:1. 

Listen to the podcast at the following link,

Quite a few resources were mentioned on the program, including but not limited to a downloadable pdf copy of Beyond Creation Science (which you can obtain by clicking below).

See other mentioned resources below. 

Of course beyond the mentioned and already proved resources we encourage you to tune in to the podcast all next week, as we make the correlation of Preterism and the Genesis creation account our focus – all week! Look forward to guests and more resources starting February 14th on the Preterist Power Hour. 

#FlashBackFriday – Last post on BCS website –

A few other resources; 

Intro to CC –

Responding to Critics –

BCS study outline & more –

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